Brett Beauregard

Mr. Beauregard brings valuable and hands-on experience to both the classroom and Control Station’s Research & Development initiatives. His efforts in advancing the Company’s LOOP-PRO™ Product Suite were recognized with the receipt of Control Engineering Magazine’s 2006 Engineer’s Choice Award and Chemical Processing Magazine’s 2007 Vaalar Award. Mr. Beauregard has also led the development of a portable tuning device that leverages light-weight PDA technology for the analysis and optimization of stand-alone PLCs, and he is credited with patent-pending capabilities for the accurate modeling of oscillatory and noisy process data.


Damien Munroe

Mr. Munroe is a seasoned practitioner and a highly engaging course instructor. He brings over 20 years of industrial experience to the classroom, leveraging technical and engineering positions with manufacturers across key industry sectors such as Oil & Gas, Biotech & Pharmaceuticals, and Semiconductors. In addition to leading both application-specific and theory-based workshops Mr. Munroe has played an important role in the successful deployment of the Company’s PlantESP Control Loop Performance Monitoring solution at sites located in both the United States and Europe.


Jack Matthews

Mr. Matthews is a certified instructor who has played a significant role in the development of Control Station’s portfolio of Practical Process Control workshops. Beyond classroom instruction, he has made valuable contributions to the advancement of process control through his work in industry and his research and development in both materials and chemical processes. Mr. Matthews is a sought after specialist in the fields of advanced material processing; process design and control; reactor and process control technologies; and modeling methods for material and chemical processes, system analysis, tuning, and training.


Lindsey Fink

Ms. Fink leads Control Station’s field services team and she is a certified Practical Process Control instructor.  She holds primary responsibility for delivery of onsite and remote services associated with the company’s PlantESP and LOOP-PRO technologies.  Her direct experience in the assessment and optimization of a wide range of production environments informs her approach to both theory-based and application-specific teaching.  With a broad range of experience spanning major sectors of the process industries such as Basic Materials, Chemicals, Oil & Gas, and Power & Utilities, Ms. Fink is highly effective at customizing instructional content to align with her audience’s control environment and educational needs.


Robert Rice, PhD

Dr. Rice has contributed significantly to the expansion and delivery of Control Station’s training services. In collaboration with Hershey Foods, Dr. Rice formulated introductory and advanced process control workshops, extending the Practical Process Control portfolio. He also developed workshops customized for the cement and brewery industries. Beyond instruction, Dr. Rice has published extensively on topics associated with automatic process control, including multi-variable process control and model predictive control.