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Whether onsite or remote – LOOP-PRO provides the flexibility you need.

LOOP-PRO supports both online and offline data connectivity.  For live connections LOOP-PRO utilizes OPC.  It captures essential process data and identifies controller-specific attributes such as the associated algorithm and controller spans.  Using the software’s deep scan function LOOP-PRO locates all PID loops on your control network with the touch of a button.  Once a loop is selected for analysis and tuning LOOP-PRO automatically uploads the relevant and controller-specific details.

LOOP-PRO’s offline analysis and tuning capabilities are equally effective, and they’re ideal for users that are on the go.  The software accepts any flat text file format including XLS and CSV.  Different process data components such as Process Variable and Controller Output are easily categorized for modeling and tuning.  LOOP-PRO’s library of algorithms is extensive and supports the controllers of all major PLC and DCS systems.

Whether you’re connected live to the process or reviewing historical data files, LOOP-PRO makes it easy to tune PID controllers for improved performance.

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