Control Station is guided by a team of proven executives and market innovators.  The Company’s Board of Directors is comprised of the following individuals:

Kevin Bouley

Kevin is President and Chief Executive Officer of Nerac, Inc., a global technology and IP advisory research firm headquartered in Tolland, Connecticut.  Kevin is a recognized leader in the information industry and he is very active within Statewide and University of Connecticut entrepreneurial communities.  He possesses extensive experience in product innovation and business transformation.

Douglas Cooper, PhD

Doug is the Founder of Control Station as well as a full professor and teaching fellow within the University of Connecticut’s School of Chemical, Materials and Biomolecular Engineering.  Since founding the Company in 1998 Doug has continued to pursue research in the areas of adaptive process control performance and pattern-based control.  Doug is a regular speaker at industry events on behalf of Control Station and its partners.


Michael Curtis, PhD

Mike is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Simplified Energy Solutions, an alternative energy solutions company servicing the needs of industrial, commercial and residential customers.  Until 2011, Mike was Vice President of Business Development for Fuss & O’Neil where he contributed to the firm’s growth through technology collaboration and investment.  Mike is a partner of and board member to numerous technology-based companies, including Hydrovolts and RPM Sustainable Technologies.

Dennis Nash

Dennis is President and Chief Executive Officer of Control Station, Inc.  Since joining the Company in 2004 Dennis has fueled growth and positioned Control Station as a leading and global supplier of process modeling and PID controller tuning technologies.  Dennis is also a director on the board of Aware Technologies – a joint venture formed by Control Station and iSagacity in 2011.

Mark Summers

Mark is President of CNC Software Inc. located in Tolland, Connecticut, co-founding the company in 1983.  The company’s Mastercam product line has been sold globally for 29 years as a CAD/CAM software product and it is widely used by thousands of companies large and small.  Mark is an active advocate of both green energy solutions and products that advance manufacturing efficiency.