We Have A Commitment to Collaboration

Control Station is fortunate to associate with academic thought-leaders around the globe as well as to support the technology needs of best-in-class manufacturers.  Our relationship with customers – professors and practitioners alike – is of the utmost value.  They represent the life-blood of our business and are a consistent source of product innovation. We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with our customers and to address their changing technology and services needs.


Control Station’s products and services have been sought out by leading companies around the globe and across the process industries. From Chemical to Oil & Gas and Basic Materials to Food & Beverage, process manufacturers look to Control Station to enhance their operational effectiveness and overall plant profitability.  Our offerings are designed to provide a sustainable competitive advantage.


With roots in the world of academia, Control Station is proud to support the educational needs of leading institutions of higher learning worldwide.  Over 200 colleges and universities incorporate Practical Process Control© in their curricula and leverage our interactive teaching tools.  In this way, Control Station is making a meaningful contribution to the training of our industry’s next generation of practitioners.