Data Connectivity

Data Connectivity 2017-07-18T15:00:50+00:00

PlantESP’s data connectivity makes it easy to connect to your process data.

Accessing process data from your facility’s data historian shouldn’t be difficult.  PlantESP control monitoring software makes connecting easy by using common data communications and querying protocols such as OPC-HDA, OLE-DB, ODBC, and SQL Queries.  PlantESP is unique in that it can also connect direct to most historians using their proprietary connectors such as the PI-SDK for OSIsoft’s PI data historian, Proficy-API for GE Proficy Historian.

The PlantESP server links directly to your facility’s data historian.  It operates as a one-way street, accessing data for the sole purpose of analysis and never pushing data back to or altering data in the historian.

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