Tag Requirements

Tag Requirements 2017-07-18T15:01:25+00:00

PlantESP only needs what your plant already has – data!

In all likelihood, you already have the tags.  PlantESP control monitoring software can put them to work and pave the way to optimized process performance.  With access to the right process and controller data PlantESP can begin to baseline your facility’s control loop performance virtually overnight.  Configuration is simple and allows users to focus on the things that matter most – increasing production throughput and efficiency.  Tag requirements include the following:

  • Process Variable (PV)
  • Controller Output (CO)
  • Set Point (SP)
  • Controller Mode
  • Enable/In Service Tag (Optional)
  • Controller P-Term (Optional)
  • Controller I-Term (Optional)
  • Controller D-Term (Optional)

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