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LOOP-PRO TRAINER puts concepts into context and brings process control to life!

Process control is a complex subject and some concepts can be challenging for students to fully grasp. Whether your students are enrolled in college or engaged as practitioners, they must be engaged in order for them to successfully transition from understanding to mastery.  Software provides an effective means for simulating process dynamics and bringing abstract concepts to life.

Control Station’s LOOP-PRO TRAINER software is equipped with an array of simulation tools.  Each module serves a unique purpose and helps instructors to put key concepts into clear context.  Equipped with TRAINER, instructors can move beyond curriculum development and focus on preparing students for success in industry.  TRAINER’s software modules include:

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Case Studies

See TRAINER’s extensive library of real-world, first-principles process simulations.

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Design Tools

Learn how TRAINER’s modeling and tuning module facilitates understanding of PID-based control.

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Custom Process

Read about TRAINER’s advanced simulation and process analysis capabilities.

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