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Learn how to model complex process dynamics and tune industrial PID controllers.

It is not uncommon in industry for controller tuning methods to be passed along from one practitioner to the next.  In spite of the PID’s prevalence in industrial applications, formal training on process dynamics and PID-based control remains a rarity.  With so little formal understanding it’s no wonder that tuning of PID controllers is widely referred to as a ‘black art’.

TRAINER is equipped with the Design Tools module – a process modeling and PID controller tuning utility.  As an extension of the TRAINER curriculum, Design Tools allows users to experiment with different forms of the PID controller and to expand their appreciation for regulatory control techniques.  The module helps students with their understanding of process dynamics and how technology can be used to calculate model/tuning parameters both quickly and consistently.  Specific modeling and controller tuning considerations supported by the Design Tools module include:

  • Data Editing
  • Model Selection
  • Model Fitting
  • Controller Selection
Design Tools

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