Reference tools that prepare students for the classroom…and beyond.

Control theory is complex and process control textbooks are often too technical for the average student.  They focus heavily on the derivation of algorithms rather than on industrial insights and the application of proven techniques.  While an emphasis on advanced mathematics can be valuable it is generally beyond the information needs of most.

LOOP-PRO TRAINER courses are based on the Practical Process Control textbook originally authored by Control Station’s founder – Douglas Cooper.  The textbooks are easy to read, and they are full of concise explanations and relevant examples.  While algorithms are included in the textbooks they are provided to assist those select individuals who seek an understanding of control theory beyond its practical application.

Our textbooks provide students with another valuable reference resource and support their understanding of process control.  Whether used in synch with your syllabus or as an on-the-job resource, our Practical Process Control texts offer long-term value.


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