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PlantESP LPM (Virtual)


May 7 - May 10

1:00 PM EST to 5:00 PM EST


WebEx Virtual Event


Bob Rice, PhD

This workshop reviews essential functions and features associated with the PlantESP Loop Performance Monitoring solution. Participants learn how to apply PlantESP in the plant-wide analysis of PID controller performance.

This course is specific to the PlantESP application.

Who Should Attend?

Operators, Technicians, and Engineers tasked with using PlantESP in the maintenance and/or optimization of control loop performance.

What’s the Objective?

Learn how to utilize PlantESP in the systematic identification, isolation, and correction of controller-related performance issues.

How’s it Delivered?

The presentation of key concepts is followed by demos of real-world examples and hands-on exercises.


Course Information

Below is the agenda for the Essentials of PlantESP virtual training workshop. The workshop will be delivered in daily segments estimated at four (4) hours in duration. Daily breaks of approximately fifteen (15) minutes will be provided by the instructor at appropriate stages of the workshop.

Day One Topics

Lecture: What is Controller Performance Analysis

Lecture: Navigating PlantESP to Isolate Performance Issues

Exercise: Exploring the PlantESP Website

Lecture: Loop Configuration and Analysis Using Moving Window Calculations

Demo: Adjusting Loop Configuration from the PlantESP Website

Lecture: Distinguishing Between Controller States and Modes

Demo: Adjusting Controller and Enable States from the PlantESP Website

Lecture: Basic CLPM Metrics

Exercise: Exploring the AAE, PTIN, Output Travel, and Output Saturation Metrics

Day Two Topics

Lecture: Intermediate CLPM Metrics

Demo: Exploring the Normalized Variation, Mode Changes, and Composite Metrics PlantESP Metrics

Lecture: Advanced CLPM Metrics

Exercise: Exploring the Oscillation, Noise, and Valve-Stiction PlantESP Metrics Normalized Variation, Mode Changes, Composite Metrics

Lecture: Understanding Metric Limits

Demo: Adjusting Metrics Limits from the PlantESP Website

Lecture: Utilizing TuneVue™ to Identify Bump Tests and Tune PID Control Loops

Exercise: Using TuneVue and LOOP-PRO to Tune PID Controllers

Day Three Topics

Lecture: Configuration and Generation of Effective PlantESP Reports

Exercise: Creating Reports in PlantESP

Lecture: Forensic Tools for Loop Interaction and Root-Cause Analysis

Exercise: Using Power Spectrum and Cross Correlations to Identify Interactions

Lecture: Application Installation

Demo: Walk-through of the PlantESP Configuration Tool

Lecture: Data Requirements and Loop Configuration

Demo: Walk-through of the PlantESP Excel Configuration Sheet

Lecture: Data Historian Connection and Configuration

Demo: Walk-through of the PlantESP Connection Interfaces

Day Four Topics

Lecture: Importing Controller Details into PlantESP

Exercise: Importing Loops into PlantESP

Lecture: Effective Enable Conditions

Exercise: Adjusting Simple Enable Conditions

Lecture: Creating Complex Logic for Controller Modes and Enable Conditions

Exercise: Using Multiple Tags for Determining Controller Modes and Enable Status

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