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Techniques for Applied Process Control: Houston, TX (Control Station)

September 22, 2020

September 24, 2020

Who Should Attend?


Technicians, Engineers, and others with responsibility for control loop performance.

What’s the Objective?


Learn simple, repeatable methods for evaluating and tuning PID controllers.

How’s it Delivered?


Key concepts are followed by demos of real-world examples and hands-on exercises.

This workshop explains how the PID controller functions. Participants learn a proven, systematic approach for both tuning loops manually and achieving consistent results.

This course is not vendor specific.


Day One Topics

  • Fundamentals of Process Dynamics
  • Proportional Control
  • Integral Action and PI Control
  • Formal Approach to Controller Design
  • Derivative Mode and PID Control
  • PID Control with Derivative Filter

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Day Two Topics

  • Systematic Approach to Real-World Processes
  • Cascade Control
  • Feed Forward Control
  • Dynamics of Non-Self-Regulating Processes

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“I’ve been programming and tuning loops for over 10 years. I learned so much in these 2 days that I plan on reevaluating all of the loops in our processes.”

– Adam B. Process EngineerFluid Air 

“I learned more in two days than I did all semester in a process control class.”

– Dillon W. Controls EngineerDOW Chemical  

Optional: Introduction to Software-Based Tuning

Who Should Attend?


Individuals evaluating the benefits of modeling and controller tuning software.

What’s the Objective?


Learn the skills needed to analyze loop performance and tune PIDs using software.

How’s it Delivered?


Essential software utilities are described followed by real-world examples and hands-on exercises.

This workshop showcases how modeling and tuning software can be applied to quickly and consistently improve PID controller performance.

Day Three Topics

  • Software Overview
  • Basics of LOOP-PRO TUNER
  • Non-Steady-State (NSS) Modeling Innovation
  • Software Configuration of Standard and Non-Standard Controllers
  • Software Administration & Updates
  • Advanced Process Control using LOOP-PRO

“It was a very informative class, there was a lot of good information.”

– Robert B. EngineerSchreiber Foods

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