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Finally – Licensing options that suit your needs and your budget!

Too much software can be as challenging as too little.  Too much can be costly and difficult to maintain.  Too little can be counterproductive as staff are unable to access the software precisely when it’s needed most.  Fortunately innovations in licensing technology provide flexibility in the manner by which software can be delivered and supported.

Our tuning products can be licensed to match your automation and optimization needs.  Licenses are perpetual and include both a full year of support and access to corresponding product updates that are released during that time.  Additional maintenance and support is available at the time of your original purchase or in conjunction with your license’s anniversary.  Discounts are available for multi-year maintenance and support agreements.

Single user licenses for process optimization professionals.
Single Workstation
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Equip your team and optimize your plant.

One Plant
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Empower your enterprise with everywhere access to loop optimization technology.
Unlimited Plants Worldwide
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Supports the online and offline tuning of your chosen OEM.
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Adds loop analytics and offline tuning of all major OEMs.
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TUNER Premium
Also includes online controller tuning for additional OEMs.
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