Enterprise licenses support the optimization needs of multiple production facilities.  They provide an economical means for achieving and maintaining safe and profitable operations.  Equipped with a ‘check-in, check-out’ feature, enterprise licenses are also well suited for large teams of users who have only occasional need for PID controller tuning technology.

Enterprise licenses have no constraints that limit their use to a particular production facility, but they are limited to a fixed number of users corresponding with the quantity of concurrent users licensed.  Individual users can designate the duration of their use during the check-out process.  Once checked-out licenses can be operated without being connected to the user’s computer network.  Licenses can either be reinstated by reconnecting to the network and returning it or by allowing the term of the check-out time to expire.

Like site licenses, enterprise licenses simplify support and maintenance.  Administrators of the enterprise license can track license usage, and can password protect licenses to allow division of licenses across regions. Software access can be password protected or can use existing Microsoft Authentication.

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