Site licenses are ideal for groups of users who share responsibility for meeting the controller tuning and process optimization needs across a production facility.  A site license – sometimes referred to as “network” licenses – is installed on and accessed from either a server or network drive located within the facility.  Designated users must have read/write access to the server or network drive.

Site licenses support an unlimited number of users within the physical constraints of the corresponding and licensed facility.  With a single installation, site licenses simplify support and maintenance.  Additionally, network administrators can control software privileges by assigning limited analysis capabilities to some while granting full analysis and tuning capabilities to others.  Software access is password protected using standard Microsoft login procedures.

Control Station recommends the following server specifications for use with site licenses:

XP SP3 or Higher, Windows 2008 or Higher;
1 GHz Intel Processor or Equivalent;
512 MB RAM;
200 MB Available Disk Space;
Minimum Resolution 1024 x 768

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