LOOP-PRO TUNER Plus equips users with advanced loop statistics and supports controllers from multiple OEMs.  TUNER Plus is easy to use and uniquely capable of modeling noisy, oscillatory process data – what you know as the real world.

TUNER Plus is an expanded tool for analyzing and tuning PID controllers for optimal loop performance.  Equipped with Control Station’s proprietary Non-Steady State (NSS) Modeling Innovation, TUNER Plus performs online data collection, analysis, and tuning of controllers from the user’s chosen OEM.  Controller algorithms from all other major PLC and DCS vendors can be applied using TUNER Plus’ offline mode.  The software’s statistics module facilitates in-depth analysis of loop performance.

Whether your processes are integrating or non-integrating processes, your data is open- or closed-loop, your operating offline or online, TUNER Plus guides users through a repeatable and ‘recipe-based’ approach for generating optimal PID tuning parameters.  Core software features include:

  • Online data import and analysis (Single OEM)
  • Offline data import and analysis (All OEMs)
  • Unlimited, concurrent tuning sessions
  • Non-Steady State Modeling Innovation
  • Multiple and composite model generation
  • Simulated controller response (All PID Forms)
  • Performance statistics and stability analysis
  • Advanced loop statistics and interaction analysis
  • Controller tuning report and session log

World-class manufacturers rely on LOOP-PRO to improve control over their most complex production processes.  If you require reliable process diagnostic and optimization software, then look no further.

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