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Finally – a tuning software that can handle real-world applications!

When it comes to accurately modeling complex process dynamics, LOOP-PRO truly stands alone.  It is the only commercial software tool that has consistently proven to handle noisy, oscillatory process data – what process manufacturers know as the “real world”.  At its core is a proprietary modeling capability that eliminates the need for a steady-state condition.  If you need a tool capable of taming your most important PID control loops, then look no further.

LOOP-PRO makes it easy for you to examine and model different segments of your step test data.  By generating multiple models users can focus on different portions of data, different process dynamics, and even different operating ranges.  The software’s graphical cropping bars make it easy to avoid disturbance-driven data, and LOOP-PRO’s model analysis calculates both the R2 value and other relevant information for each model generated.  With LOOP-PRO you gain a powerful tool for understanding and controlling your facility’s most challenging processes.

Other important LOOP-PRO attributes include:

Integrating vs. Non-Integrating

See how LOOP-PRO handles the full range of industrial process applications. manufacturing processes

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NSS Modeling Innovation

Learn how LOOP-PRO models the dynamics common to today’s complex manufacturing processes.

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