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Tuning software shouldn’t have limits on which applications it supports.

If your tuning software only works with select types of processes, then maybe a different software is needed – like LOOP-PRO.  There are a lot of software products in the market.  Some can only handle data that starts and ends with a steady-state condition.  Others can only handle the non-steady state data of integrating processes.  Control Station believes that tuning software should work under all conditions and support all process types.  LOOP-PRO is our answer.

Methods for modeling integrating processes have been widely published, but integrating processes only represent a small portion of industrial control applications.  LOOP-PRO accurately models the dynamics of both integrating (a.k.a. non-self-regulating) and non-integrating (a.k.a. self-regulating) processes.  LOOP-PRO distinguishes integrating from non-integrating process characteristics in your data, and it automatically applies the appropriate model.  With that capability LOOP-PRO delivers the correct tuning parameters every time.

Following are several process types that LOOP-PRO readily supports:

  • Concentration
  • Flow
  • Level
  • pH
  • Pressure
  • Temperature
  • Among many others

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