We’re the Process Control Professionals

Few practitioners receive a formal education in process dynamics and PID control. In many cases those who design control strategies and tune loops simply follow guidelines that were passed along from other production staff. It’s not uncommon for those guidelines to involve excessive testing or result in inconclusive results. Frequently the strategies employed are counter-productive and hamper plant performance. And don’t forget, since those guidelines were first drafted, things in the plant have most certainly changed.

If you’re looking for specialists who can share process control knowledge and proven “best practices”, assess existing control schemas and recommend alternative approaches, and assist with your facility’s ongoing optimization initiatives, then look no further. Our team of engineers are recognized experts in process control and plant-wide optimization. Our engineers possess the experience needed to elevate your team’s know-how and to help you achieve sustainable performance improvements.

Looking to grow your process knowledge?

  • Hands-On, Interactive Workshops

  • Industry-Proven Techniques

  • Immediate Application Value

Looking for the best place to start optimization?

  • Regulatory Control Domain Expertise

  • Detailed Performance Assessments

  • Actionable Recommendations

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  • Experienced & Impactful Instructors

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