Bigelow-Liptak has been supplying world-class engineering, equipment, and materials for high-temperature processes since the 1950s.  The company's equipment has been
Improving Stability and Profitability As a member company of a worldwide group leader in cement production, Essroc Italcementi Group understands
Increasing Uptime, Reducing Cost In the highly competitive world of process manufacturing, even the cost of steam can be an
Accelerating Batch Reactor Cycle Times Although not a financial services company, Evonik Industries fully appreciates the time value of money.
Improving Stability and Profitability In the highly competitive market for alternative fuels, Glacial Lakes Energy LLC understands that inefficient processes
Improving Set Point Tracking and Process Profitability Tightening control around Set Point will improve the performance and profitability of most
Improving Oil Recovery By Reducing Pressure Oscillations As global demand for oil continues to rise upstream energy producers find themselves
Modeling the Dynamics of Highly Oscillatory Processes   In the power industry, the cost of replacing a single pump can
Modeling the Dynamics of Highly Oscillatory Processes Optimizing heat rate is a critical success factor for most coal-fired power plants. 
Eliminating Excessive Process Variability Phenol is a vital raw material in the production of high-impact resins that are used in
Optimizing Pre-Heater Water Content It's said that too much of a good thing is a bad thing.  A leading oil
Modeling the Dynamics of Highly Oscillatory Processes Typically Mill Feeders aren't the first thing that comes to mind when looking
Optimizing Control for More Profitable Operation Professionals in the process control world understand that "less" can often mean more. That
The complexities associated with chocolate production is a regular source of consternation for manufacturers. The production process demands tight control
Electricity is an everyday necessity and while power generation is a $400 Billion industry in the US alone the availability