Did you know that Control Station was among the first to introduce a software-based curriculum? Our founder – Doug Cooper – understood that the use of dynamic simulations would make it easier for students to grasp the complexities of the PID and process control. Over the years the Practical Process Control curriculum has been enhanced and expanded. Today over 200 colleges and universities rely on it to prepare students for success in industry.

I’ve found LOOP-PRO to be a powerful teaching tool.

While we also use other software resources in our university classes, I prefer LOOP-PRO.  LOOP-PRO exposes students to real-world problems that they will face when working with industrial control systems.

When students face challenges with other software tools, it´s almost always related to some mathematical problem or coding puzzle.  When they face challenges in one of the many LOOP-PRO exercises, they are always linked to problems that appear in the real-world.

Carlos Godfrid

The training solution from Control Station has proven a valuable asset to my work at Cape Breton University.

Like faculty at other universities, I appreciate the need to focus on core engineering concepts and to align course content with the changing needs of industry.  Meeting those dual goals can be challenging.

Control Station’s TRAINER Solution for Academics includes a full suite of teaching tools.  From its textbook and lecture slides to the lab exercises and associated software tools, the materials are integrated and intuitive.  The materials address fundamental thru advanced concepts of Process Control, and the library of real-world simulations has grown to include an array of relevant industrial processes.  This material allows the students to address the real world applications that face practitioners in the field of process control. That allows my students and to be prepared for successful careers in industry.

Establishing a university level curriculum is time-consuming, and maintaining it can be equally challenging.  The solution from Control Station simplifies those processes.  I highly recommend it.

Blair Macneil, P.Eng.
Instructor, Bachelor Of Engineering, Electronics And Controls

Control Station’s LOOP-PRO TRAINER Solution for Academics is highly valuable and it serves as an integral part of our capstone Chemical Engineering courses.

Michigan Tech has been a Control Station customer for years, and we have used their TRAINER Solution with great success.  The solution helps our students to grasp the complexities of process dynamics and control through the use of a fully integrated and highly interactive curriculum.  It covers essential material and prepares our degree candidates for a successful career in the industry.

Control Station has been a great partner.  Over the years we have seen the TRAINER Solution expand in ways that enhance its value.  What’s more, their staff are always quick to provide the support we need.

John F. Sandell, PhD
Associate Professor And Lead Instructor For Senior Unit Operations Courses

LOOP-PRO TRAINER is an excellent simulation technology for teaching process control.  The software is intuitive and enables me to quickly cover a broad range of complex process control concepts with my students.  Along with other tools from Control Station, LOOP-PRO TRAINER helps me prepare students for success in the real-world.

David Wheatley
Adjunct Professor –  Department Of Chemical Engineering

Control Station’s solution is comprehensive.  For years we’ve used the technology and training tools in our process control courses at Virginia Tech, and we’ve consistently graduated engineers with the knowledge and skills needed to tackle complex and real-world challenges.

Control Station provided our faculty with a complete curriculum, including lecture slides, workshops, textbook, and software tools.  Most important, they helped me to prepare our students for success in the industry.

Peter Rony, PhD
Professor Emeritus –  Department Of Chemical Engineering