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PlantESP is the easiest way to monitor your facility.

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Are you looking to improve your facility’s operational intelligence? Do you need help identifying performance issues before they lead to costly downtime? If so, then PlantESP is your answer.

PlantESP is the leading control loop performance monitoring (CLPM) solution for proactively detecting production issues and optimizing plant-wide performance. PlantESP equips users with valuable insight and actionable information. It leverages your facility’s existing historical process data to uncover details that are invisible to the naked eye – details that lead to poor control and equipment failure. PlantESP provides advance warning of those negative trends and it isolates the associated root-causes. Equipped with PlantESP you can improve your facility’s operational intelligence and avoid the high costs of unplanned downtime.


See how PlantESP connects to your facility’s existing process data.

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Learn about PlantESP’s key performance indicators and how they help to avoid unplanned downtime.

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Get the basics on PlantESP’s interaction analysis tools and how they isolate the root-cause of performance issues.

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Learn how PlantESP’s customizable reports satisfy the information needs of Operators, Engineers and Managers.

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Gain an understanding of how PlantESP’s alerts you to important changes in performance.

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See how PlantESP facilitates corrective action with relevant recommendations.

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