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A thoughtful, comprehensive, and engaging solution for teaching Process Control and preparing engineers for success in industry.

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Training is an essential function that many large academic and industrial organizations choose to offer using internal resources. For these organizations and their instructors, however, a major challenge is the development and maintenance of effective curriculums for each course offered. The time and effort involved in creating a cogent course can be enormous, and too often the compiled training materials fail to present clear lessons that achieve the educational objectives.

We have invested over three decades in the development of a fully integrated process control training solution. Major process manufacturers along with hundreds of colleges and universities have relied on our solution which is both based on the Practical Process Control curriculum and facilitated by the dynamic simulation tools within LOOP-PRO TRAINER. As a leading innovator and provider of intuitive process control solutions, we can equip you with the tools needed to deliver a complete training and skills development experience that achieves results.


What Others Are Saying

"Control Station blends the demands of a university-level education with industry's expectations for practical knowledge. No other package provides as complete a training solution as LOOP-PRO TRAINER."

 Atanas Serbezov, Professor of Chemical Engineering

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