Accelerating Start-Up, Optimizing PID Control

Control Station has been fortunate to partner with leading, global OEMs like Yokogawa.  Award-winning products like csTuner are helping process manufacturers at all stages of operation.  As GranBio in Brazil recently shared, csTuner is especially valuable during start-up when highly variable process conditions are the norm and quickly establishing safe, stable operations is the objective.  Our portfolio of PID tuning products are the only ones consistently proven to handle those complex dynamics – what engineers know as the ‘real-world’.

“With its ability to optimize tuning parameters and generate a tuning report, csTuner is particularly useful during the plant start-up and commissioning phases, reducing the workload of both engineers and operators.”

GranBio’s story is especially interesting as start-up of the facility in Sao Miguel dos Campos in Brazil was completed both on schedule and on budget.  Click Here to learn more about their experience with Yokogawa and csTuner powered by Control Station.

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