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When the performance of critical production processes are on the line, you can trust the experts at Control Station to deliver.

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If you’ve ever thought that process improvements were possible but didn’t know where to begin, then you’re not alone. While there are many who have benefited from a formal engineering education, few have actually studied Process Control and know either its limitations or its possibilities. Indeed, as an area of study Process Control is generally associated with the Chemical Engineering discipline and it’s often not even required coursework.

We can help you identify the possibilities and assess the true potential of your facility’s regulatory control systems. Our engineers specialize in Process Control, and they possess both formal training and extensive practical experience.  Our engineers will work with your team to first uncover then implement meaningful advances in process performance. Whether you require analysis of your facility’s process strategy, an audit of existing controller performance, or even assistance in PID algorithm development, we deliver results.


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"The startup service proved to be a great value for us. Control Station provided a customized procedure that has helped us to achieve sustainable improvements in the operation of our business-critical control loops."

Stephen Kuster

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