Finding problems is easy. PlantESP’s advanced forensics goes farther and isolates the root-cause.

Industrial production facilities involve complex, interconnected processes.  Most automation systems only recognize the symptoms of issues concealed elsewhere in your process.  PlantESP provides advanced interaction analysis tools that help to uncover the root-cause of those production performance issues.  PlantESP performs forensic analysis of the process data and sees below the surface.  Rather than addressing symptoms, PlantESP allows you to get to the heart of the matter.


Cross-correlation clarifies the relationships between PID control loops.  With accurate measurement of process signals, loops can be compared against each other using a time-shift to identify those loops that are correlated.  The resulting detail indicates whether one loop leads or lags another, and it enables production staff to quickly zoom in on the source of control loop performance issues.

PlantESP’s correlation matrix graphically displays the many relationships on either a unit operation or plant-wide basis.  Its use of color-coding provides a clear indication of leading loops that are upstream in the process (Red) versus lagging loops located downstream (Blue).  PlantESP also specifies the timing of that relationship.

PlantESP makes it easy to switch from one advanced forensic tool to another.  Control loops selected in the Cross-Correlation matrix can be evaluated in the Power Spectrum viewer with the touch of a button.

Spectral Analysis

Hidden in your process data are frequencies that reveal a great deal.  Spectral analysis is a potent tool for examining frequency-based data and for identifying peaks shared by two or more PID control loops.  It empowers production staff to examine process interactions in an altogether different light and isolate unexpected sources of performance issues.

Power Spectrum is another advanced forensic tool within PlantESP.  It graphically displays a given control loop’s frequency peaks and easily identifies other loops that share similar frequency contours.  With Power Spectrum PlantESP uncovers insights that are often invisible to the naked eye.

PlantESP makes it easy to switch from one advanced forensic tool to another.  Control loops selected in the Power Spectrum viewer can be evaluated in the Cross-Correlation matrix with the touch of a button.

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