When change affects production performance, PlantESP keeps you in the know.

Production environments are complex and inherently dynamic.  Change is not uncommon – it’s the norm.  PlantESP performance monitoring software understands this and provides timely alerts when the change affects your facility’s performance.  By keeping you informed of change PlantESP allows you to direct resources effectively and efficiently.

Benchmark Alerts

When you’re responsible for a production facility’s regulatory control layer, knowing that a loop has shifted out of spec is important.  Whether associated with the loop’s Overall Health, Oscillation, or another KPI, performance outside of design specifications can be detrimental to throughput and efficiency.  PlantESP’s benchmark alerts keep you informed.

Alerts are an essential feature in any control loop performance monitoring solutions.  PlantESP performance monitoring software allows users to activate Alerts on a loop-by-loop basis, activating them for all KPIs or a more specialized set of metrics.  Alerts can be configured by applying either user-defined or PlantESP-defined benchmarks.  What’s more, PlantESP offers an optional feature that automatically tightens KPI benchmarks as individual loop performance improves over time.


Whether it’s a key loop that’s degraded steadily over the past month or Stiction in a valve that’s doubled overnight, you want to know.  Change can undermine even the best control strategy and it can place plant-wide performance at risk.  PlantESP performance monitoring software maintains a constant watch for such ‘troublemakers’ so you can respond promptly.

Troublemakers is an alerting protocol unique to PlantESP.  It tracks the degree of change exhibited by each PID control loop within your facility.  Those that exhibit the most change over a span of 1-day, 7-days, and 30-days are highlighted and the amount of change for each duration is displayed on a loop-by-loop basis.

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