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You already have the data. PlantESP provides the insight.

PlantESP control monitoring software leverages your existing process data to identify and isolate production performance issues. It connects directly to your facility’s data historian(s), allowing PlantESP to complement any automation environment whether DCS– or PLC-based. Plug-ins exist for all major historians including OSIsoft PI, Aspen IP-21, Canary Labs, and other private-labelled solutions.

Tag Requirements

See which controller tags PlantESP uses to monitor your facility’s production performance.

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Learn about an optional PlantESP data source that enhances solution resolution and analysis.

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Graphical User Interface

Learn about the simple design that powers PlantESP powerful diagnostic capabilities.

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Data Connectivity

Read how easy it is for PlantESP to connect with your process data and put it to work for you.

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