Control Loop Performance Monitoring Solution

PlantESP’s portfolio of KPIs equip you with actionable information.

There are a lot of metrics for evaluating performance, but not all metrics provide meaningful information. Our PlantESP performance monitoring solution is equipped with a targeted set of key performance metrics (KPIs) that are proven to deliver actionable insight. Collectively, they decipher trends in your process data that are connected with a variety of challenges, ranging from mechanical and PID controller tuning issues to complications with your facility’s process architecture. By equipping you with the right information, PlantESP empowers you to make the right decisions.

Assess performance at-a-glance with the help of PriorityVue. Toggle between an array of performance KPIs with the click of a button. Quickly identify problem areas and pinpoint your plant’s bad actors.

Use TableVue to assess loop performance across multiple KPIs. Quickly sort loops within a unit operation. Establish a full understanding of the issues affecting loop control before applying corrective action.


Process instrumentation is critical to maintaining safe, efficient production. When instrumentation fails – whether a valve, a damper, a motor or some other asset – production stops. Our PlantESP performance monitoring solution identifies these issues before they impact production. The signs are there in your process data. PlantESP simply knows where to look. Among the many issues affecting your facility’s process instrumentation are the following:

  • Stiction
  • Wear and Tear (MTTF/MTBF)


While a few poorly tuned controllers can have a profound effect on plant-wide performance, identifying them can be challenging. PlantESP loop optimization assesses the effectiveness of each PID controller’s tuning parameters relative to the associated process’ performance. More importantly, PlantESP alerts users to the few PID loops that are impacting performance the most, and it offers recommendations for improving control. Process characteristics that indicate tuning is required include:

  • Overly aggressive/sluggish controllers
  • Excessive overshoot/settling time
  • Oscillatory behavior


At most production facilities change is constant, and some changes impact a process’ ability to meet its objective. From frequent Set Point changes to regular mechanical maintenance, our PlantESP performance monitoring solution helps users to understand which changes affect a given process’ ability to perform as architected. PlantESP’s insights empower users to maximize their processes’ potential, enhancing awareness of performance issues that stem from these and other sources:

  • Mechanical maintenance
  • Set Point changes
  • Operator Interventions

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