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PlantESP’s portfolio of KPIs equip you with actionable information.

There are a lot of metrics for evaluating performance, but not all metrics provide meaningful information.  PlantESP performance monitoring software is equipped with a targeted set of key performance metrics (KPIs) that are proven to deliver actionable insight.  Collectively they decipher trends in your process data that are connected with a variety of challenges ranging from mechanical and PID controller tuning issues to complications with your facility’s process architecture.  By equipping you with the right information, PlantESP empowers you to make the right decisions.

Assess performance at-a-glance with the help of PriorityVue. Toggle between an array of performance KPIs with the click of a button. Quickly identify problem areas and pinpoint your plant’s bad actors.

Use TableVue to assess loop performance across multiple KPIs.  Quickly sort loops within a unit operation.  Establish a full understanding of the issues affecting loop control before applying corrective action.


Learn how PlantESP’s KPIs enable you to uncover mechanical issues and avoid equipment failure.

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Read about PlantESP’s tuning metrics and how they simplify process optimization.

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See which PlantESP metrics help to uncover issues within your process architecture.

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