Control Loop Performance Monitoring Solution

When performance issues are found, PlantESP provides guidance for timely and effective resolution.

Sometimes the answer to a performance issue isn’t obvious. Control loop performance monitoring software can help. To equip you with the right answer PlantESP combines analysis from the solution’s many KPIs with advanced process heuristics. PlantESP’s recommendations for corrective action take numerous factors into account. They simplify the steps needed to first verify the root-cause and then to reestablish effective control.

Corrective Actions

Knowing you have a process control problem isn’t enough and determining how to correct that problem isn’t always obvious. When examining data, it can be difficult to determine the true cause of deteriorated control. Important details can be overlooked, and dynamics within the process data can be mistaken for everyday noise. PlantESP is a control loop performance monitoring solution that applies a portfolio of KPIs and advanced heuristics to take key elements into consideration. It points you in the right direction.

PlantESP leverages metric data and employs heuristics to generate recommendations for Corrective Action. Recommendations provide simple steps for confirming control loop performance problems and for isolating their root-cause. Examples of PlantESP’s Corrective Actions include the following:

  • Tuning Deviation 
  • Output Saturated
  • Normal Mode


Everything you need to tune controllers and optimize plant-wide process performance is already at your fingertips. Everyday process changes – whether a correction to Set Point, mode change, or adjustment to valve position – provide the necessary data for tuning PID control loops. Until now taking advantage of those everyday changes has been the challenge.

TuneVue is a unique feature within our PlantESP control loop performance monitoring solution that applies Control Station’s proprietary Non-Steady State (NSS) Modeling Innovation to the real-time and plant-wide modeling of process changes. TuneVue automatically identifies each change, calculates model and tuning parameters, and alerts users when performance gains can be realized.  Unique attributes of TuneVue include:

  • Accurately models process data even under noisy, oscillatory conditions
  • Supports open-loop as well as closed-loop process changes
  • Handles the dynamics of both integrating and non-integrating processes
  • Automatically filters changes involving disturbance-driven data

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