Control Loop Performance Monitoring Solution

PlantESP provides the performance information you need precisely when you need it.

Information for your weekly status meeting. Information prior to a shift change. Information right now. PlantESP’s reporting feature is easily configured to deliver essential performance details based on your schedule. What’s more, PlantESP’s library of pre-configured reports is tailored to meet your specific information needs. Whether it’s an overview of plant-wide performance or details about a particular unit operation, PlantESP delivers. From insights that drive your process optimization initiatives to updates that factor into your maintenance priorities, PlantESP delivers. From the information needs of the shop floor to those in the plant manager’s office, PlantESP delivers.

Management Reporting

Plant and corporate managers juggle countless responsibilities that compete for their time. That’s why accurate, relevant information about plant health is essential. Managers not only need to know how the plant’s regulatory control environment is operating now, they also need to understand how that performance is trending over time. Is performance improving or is it slipping?

PlantESP includes management reporting specifically designed for the information needs of plant and corporate managers. These reports thoroughly gauge a plant’s current performance and health. They also clarify important performance trends over time. Select reports for managers include:

  • Overall Plant Health
  • Overall Unit Health
  • 7-Day Average Unit Health

Engineering Reporting

When problems associated with process architecture or controller tuning arise, process engineers know how to correct them. With an expansive production environment and complex automation infrastructure the challenge with maintaining optimal control is – more often than not – a simple lack of advance warning. PlantESP can help.

PlantESP delivers timely reports that equip engineering staff with the loop optimization information they need to keep performance issues at bay. PlantESP’s customizable reports reveal trends and highlight events that can impact production. Reports for engineers include:

  • Loop Variability
  • Controller Utilization
  • PID Controller Tuning

Operations Reporting

Operators are the first line of defense against issues that impact production throughput and efficiency. From the control room they monitor core production KPIs for any number of unit operations on an around-the-clock basis. Equipping them with relevant information about control loop performance assures that they focus on what matters most.

Reports generated automatically by PlantESP provide Operators with a clear snapshot of a production facility’s state of operation and loop optimization needs. They alert Operators to potentially volatile loop conditions and allow them to plan an appropriate response in advance. Reports catering to the needs of Operators include:

  • Overall Controller Health
  • Mode Changes per Hour
  • Percent Time in Normal

Maintenance Reporting

Stiction may be the leading cause of process performance issues, but there are numerous mechanical challenges that regularly undermine control. If left unchecked, those issues can quickly transition from a minor irritation to a major liability. From an asset maintenance and reliability standpoint, remaining aware of mechanical trends and avoiding unplanned downtime is a key to success.

PlantESPs portfolio of reports target the information needs of maintenance and reliability engineers. They share timely insight into the status of your facility’s final control elements on a plant-wide basis, and they help staff to prioritize a maintenance plan. Select maintenance and reliability reports include:

  • Valve Stiction
  • Valve Sizing
  • Output Distribution

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