Licensing Options

Process Control Training Solution

Licensing options that suite your unique technology and educational needs.

There are limited options for licensing a complete curriculum focused on process control. While textbooks on the subject are abundant, only a few include a complete deck of lecture slides and a corresponding set of evaluation resources. Fewer still offer a software resource that complements the curriculum. More often than not instructors are left to cobble together course materials from a variety of disparate sources.

TRAINER is unique – it is a complete curriculum that can be licensed annually to suit your organization’s unique educational needs. Licenses include electronic access to our complete portfolio of educational resources, including the TRAINER software, lecture slides, evaluations, and textbooks. While the copyright remains the sole property of Control Station, licensees have no restriction on their ability to print copies of the written materials during the term of their license.

Join other leading process manufacturers and 100s of universities worldwide. Put the power of TRAINER to work for you and your students. Contact Control Station sales today for additional solution details and a quotation.

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