5 Methods to Monitor Controller Variability – which one is right for you?

Online Webinar

Various aspects of the control system make sure everything is in proper working order. In fact, there are several tools and techniques available to monitor and evaluate your control system performance. These include tracking and analyzing process variables, reviewing control system logs and alarms, and conducting regular inspections and maintenance.

Providing you real-time updates, alerts, and notifications to keep you informed of any issues or potential problems with your control system is essential for reliability and safety. Knowing the methods, tools and techniques, you can be confident that your control system is working as it should and maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of your process plant.

This webinar presents five methods to analyze controller variability. Each method provides insights into one or more aspects of performance.

Innovations in Plant-Wide Monitoring, Diagnostics and Optimization to make sure your plant is reliable

Online Webinar

Here’s the problem: The typical paper mill operates 100s of PID control loops and maintains an even larger quantity of production assets. The typical plant historian stockpiles data, and extracting information that’s actionable and relevant to performance can be a challenge. Meanwhile, pressure just increased on everyone to improve production efficiency.

This webinar covers recent innovations in CLPM technology specifically in the context of the pulp and paper industry to demonstrate the value of loop analytics.

Three Questions to Determine if Your Tuning Software is Ready for the Real-World

Online Webinar

Hijacked  - One of your facility’s many PID control loops is acting up. When you perform a quick review of the corresponding process trend significant process noise can be seen like a swarm around the underlying Process Variable signal. What’s more that same signal bounces up and down like a cork as the PID controller futilely attempts to track down the loop’s Set Point. 

Your task is to tune the controller. Is your software ready?

This webinar will cover the three questions to help you determine if your tuning software is truly capable of taking on the challenge.

The Habits of a Systems Thinker – A Panel Discussion

Online Webinar

Systems thinking is often defined as an approach to problem solving that characterizes issues considering the complete system rather than an individual isolated component. In the context of industrial process manufacturing, it’s a methodology whereby multi-discipline teams ask questions about the system as a whole in order to understand how the big picture affects the little one. With a fuller understanding of the interrelationships between and among different parts of a complete production system, practitioners avoid the linear cause-and-effect thinking that focuses narrowly on obvious symptoms and often results in other negative and unintended consequences.

This webinar will be a panel discussion with expert engineers bringing their experiences to the table. Come with your questions!