Management Team

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Dennis Nash



Since joining the Company in 2004 Dennis has fueled growth and positioned Control Station as a leading and global supplier of process diagnostic and optimization technologies. Under his leadership, the Company has significantly broadened its portfolio of products and services while establishing strategic partnerships with an array of best-in-class OEMs. Dennis holds primary responsibility for executing Control Station’s growth strategy and strengthening brand awareness.

Dennis received his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Notre Dame and an MBA from the University of Connecticut.

Robert Rice


Vice President of Engineering

As the Company’s thought leader and chief product architect, he oversees both product development and engineering services. Bob has published extensively on topics associated with automatic process control, including multi-variable process control and model predictive control. He is an expert in both model-based and advanced controls, including unstable and integrating processes. Bob has been a featured presenter at numerous industry conferences and partner forums.

Bob received his Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from Virginia Polytechnic and State University, and he received both his Master’s and Doctoral degrees in Chemical Engineering from the University of Connecticut.



Vice President of Global Sales

A long-term veteran of the manufacturing market, Rick is an alumnus of Emerson Process Management during which time he managed sales throughout North America for the company’s asset optimization group. He was with Computational Systems prior to its acquisition by Emerson in 2004. Rick holds responsibility for managing Control Station’s domestic sales force and a global network of solution partners.

Rick received his Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Villanova University where he also captained the school’s varsity lacrosse team.



General Manager

He is a seasoned business manager and practitioner with over 20 years of experience in the industrial automation market. While joining in 2016 Damien has been a longtime affiliate of Control Station and ultimately led the establishment of Control Station Limited – a joint venture formed to both grow and support the company’s European operations. Prior to his role on the company’s leadership team Damien was the Founder and General Manager of IS Automation, a systems integration firm specializing in process automation and optimization solutions.
Damien simultaneously received technical certificates in operations and maintenance from the Irish Air Corps while studying at the Dublin Institute of Technology.



Director of Product Development

He holds primary responsibility for enhancing the Company’s growing portfolio of process diagnostic and optimization technologies. Brett’s ingenuity and knack for intuitive product design have resulted in numerous innovations that thoroughly differentiate Control Station’s products. Proprietary capabilities conceived by Brett have been recognized with numerous industry awards and have facilitated the formation of key OEM relationships. Prior to joining Control Station Brett was a process engineer with the 3M Company – formerly CUNO, Inc..

Brett received his bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Connecticut and authors the blog.