August 2, 2022 – Control Station Program Continues Growth with Addition of System Integrator Giant

JMP Solutions Joins CSI Program to Enhance Process Analytics and Optimization Capabilities

Control Station today announced the enrollment of JMP Solutions in the company’s Certified System Integrator (CSI) Program. JMP’s membership aligns Control Station with a growing community of system integration powerhouses, and it signals growing demand among manufacturers and integrators alike for solutions built on advanced process analytics.

Control Station and JMP share a core set of values related to delivering customer success, and JMP’s enrollment marks the next phase in a long-standing collaboration between the two companies. JMPs approach to customer success is based on their promise of creating an extraordinary customer experience – a promise which is delivered on by committing to and holding true to three core principles of: Guaranteed Performance, Radical Commitment and Exceptional Communication. Their customer interactive approach to exploring challenges and collaboratively formulating solutions develops a high degree of customer intimacy and a unique, personal understanding which has produced many long- standing productive relationships across industries over their 35 years of experience.

Through its enrollment in the CSI Program, JMP gains access to Control Station’s award-winning process analytic and optimization solutions. Those tools allow JMP to proactively identify and address performance issues while charting and tracking execution against longer-term objectives. Access to Control Station’s tools and team of process control experts is another extremely useful and complementary tool in JMP’s already impressive and comprehensive scope of capabilities, further enhancing their skillset towards advancing customer performance, efficiency, and relationships within the process manufacturing sector.

“JMP recognizes that process automation solutions require the application of relevant domain expertise, proven procedures, and best-in-class technologies,” commented Gary McKenzie, Senior Applications Specialist.

“JMP’s ability to execute on these critical solution elements is elevated through our participation in the CSI Program. The partnership with Control Station extends our capabilities, allowing us to deliver more value to our clients through plant-wide process optimization.”

The CSI Program was launched in March 2021 to help Control Station capitalize on growing global demand for a combination of process optimization solutions and expert engineering services. Program participants gain preferred access to Control Station’s portfolio of solutions and are certified in their deployment and use.

System integration firms like JMP are targeted for enrollment based on their global reach and their expertise in process control. With broad experience in Chemicals, Food & Beverage, Metals & Mining, Oil & Gas, and Pulp & Paper, JMP and Control Station share a common orientation toward major sectors of the process industries.

“Ranked #10 globally on the System Integrator Giants list, JMP is well-established and recognized for delivering innovative automation solutions,” stated Jon Stevens, Control Station’s Director of Partner Development. “They appreciate the unique qualities of the CSI Program, and they recognize the new opportunities it creates for delivering value and advancing customer success. Both organizations gain a valuable partner with which to better serve customers.”

The CSI Program equips participating integrators with a meaningful competitive advantage, and it creates new revenue-generating opportunities. Through the deployment and use of Control Station’s suite of process analytic and optimization technologies, CSI Program participants gain unique insights into the performance of a manufacturer’s regulatory control systems. The technology suite is made available to CSI Program participants at preferential rates and in a manner that aligns the cost with project-based billing that is typical of system integration service providers. Existing participants have successfully secured long-term services contracts that are the direct result of their involvement in the CSI Program.

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