December 13, 2011 – Control Station Addresses Controller-Level Performance Issues With TUNER Plus

Statistics Module Addresses Demand Among Process Customers for Advanced Diagnostics

December 13, 2011 – Control Station announced yet another product expansion with the release of LOOP-PRO™ TUNER Plus (Allen-Bradley Edition). The newest addition to the LOOP-PRO portfolio of PID controller tuning products provides advanced statistics for analyzing controller-level performance and it further simplifies the optimization of regulatory controllers.

TUNER Plus targets the needs of process engineers and other advanced users who are responsible for the maintenance and optimization of regulatory control systems. Like other LOOP-PRO products, TUNER Plus leverages Control Station’s patent-pending Non-Steady State (NSS) Modeling Innovation which accurately models even noisy and oscillatory process data. With the addition of an advanced statistics module TUNER Plus equips users with tools for analyzing valve stiction, loop interaction, among other controller-level diagnostics.

Rockwell Automation recognizes the unique value of our controller tuning technologies as an important extension to their process offerings,” remarked Jonathan Stevens, Channel Manager at Control Station. “We are moving aggressively to keep pace with the rapidly growing process business of Rockwell Automation. The introduction of TUNER Plus allows us to better serve the diverse needs of their process customers.

Controller-level diagnostics enable process engineers and other production staff to thoroughly assess conditions that directly affect regulatory control. Loop interaction and factors impacting a loop’s final control element can limit the effectiveness of a PID controller. By uncovering these attributes TUNER Plus permits users to resolve issues at their source and to optimize a controller’s overall performance.

Control Station is a member of the Rockwell Automation Encompass Product Referencing program. As a partner, Control Station promotes TUNER in the Rockwell Automation Software Developer Toolkit Program as an add-on product. Additionally, a Software Exchange and Upgrade Program was recently introduced by Control Station to facilitate the migration of products no longer supported by Rockwell Automation to TUNER. Control Engineering Magazine has recognized TUNER as a finalist for the 2012 Engineers’ Choice Awards.

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