February 13, 2013 – Demand for Plant-Wide Monitoring and Diagnostic Solutions Continues to Increase

Demand for Plant-Wide Monitoring and Diagnostic Solutions Continues to Increase

February 13, 2013 Control Station today noted increased market demand for plant-wide monitoring capabilities in addition to expanded global sales of the company’s PlantESP platform. The increases build upon the company’s extensive customer base and correlate with improvements in the health of the global economy.

PlantESP has now been successfully licensed to production sites located on five continents. Deployments reside within several of the fastest growing manufacturing markets, including Australia and Brazil, and they span key process industries. Common among all deployments is the requirement for both improved controller performance awareness and simplified root-cause analysis.

The market continues to respond favorably to PlantESP’s ability to isolate performance issues and to provide meaningful guidance for corrective action, shared Rick Bontatibus, Control Station’s Vice President of Global Sales. Demand is steadily growing across all sectors of the industry and especially among manufacturers that focus on continuous process improvement.”

Demand for process automation solutions has increased with the improved health of the global economy at large and within key geographies in particular. Notable regions in which PlantESP was introduced include Australia and South America. Both enjoyed a return to GDP growth in 2012 due in part to the diversity of their respective manufacturing bases. Technologies that monitor controller performance on a plant-wide basis and that isolate the root-cause of production issues are gaining considerable market traction globally.

We leverage direct input from our customers and built on the success of other products, commented Control Station’s President, Dennis Nash. The current level of market interest suggests that we’re good listeners. As a platform, PlantESP addresses key issues currently facing manufacturers across the process industries.”

Control Station’s customer base includes many of the world’s leading process manufacturers. The company maintains software implementations at sites located in over thirty countries. The company’s LOOP-PRO Product Suite is widely recognized as best-in-class for both process modeling and PID controller tuning.

PlantESP addresses the challenges of increased market expectations and diminished staffing levels. The platform’s Loop Performance Monitoring module actively monitors control loops and provides timely alerts to designated staff. Advanced diagnostics such as cross-correlation and spectral analysis equip staff with the information needed to isolate issues impacting production control and to quickly return production to profitable levels. By prioritizing performance issues and offering recommendations for corrective action, PlantESP allows manufacturers to operate effectively in the face of reduced staffing levels.

Loop Performance Monitoring is complemented by the platform’s Predictive Analytics module an asset reliability tool licensed from Aware Technology. Predictive Analytics provides advance warning of issues that result in costly equipment failure and production downtime. Control Station formed Aware Technology in 2011 in conjunction with iSagacity, LLC. The collective capabilities within the PlantESP platform address the growing need among process manufacturers for technologies that deliver timely and actionable information.

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