February 27, 2014 – Control Station Expands Licensing With Introduction Of Enterprise Capability

The New Option Facilitates Increased Asset Utilization and Strengthens LOOP-PRO’s Value Proposition

February 27, 2014  Control Station today announced new enterprise licensing capabilities for its portfolio of process modeling and PID controller tuning products. The capability is ideally suited for Control Station’s growing base of multi-site and corporate accounts. The introduction of enterprise licensing strengthens the software’s value proposition by increasing awareness of license utilization and by improving asset tracking.

Enterprise licensing is currently available for the Company’s LOOP-PRO Tuner series of process modeling and PID controller tuning products. With access to a centralized server customers can now access their Tuner licenses on demand and as licenses are available. Once accessed, licenses can be returned to the centralized server for use by others or they can be reinstated to the server upon expiration. Details of the software’s utilization enable management to make informed decisions related to investments in additional licenses. The capability will be deployed to other of Control Station’s products over the coming months.

The benefits of enterprise licensing are clear for both Control Station and our customers, commented Rick Bontatibus, Vice President of Global Sales. This approach enables licensees to maximize the return on their software investment by leveraging the asset across multiple sites. What’s more, we are now able to provide more cost-effective customer support as enterprise licenses will be maintained in a centralized location.

Demand within the industrial automation market for centrally managed software continues to grow as manufacturers look to improve their total cost of ownership (TCO). Specifically, enterprise licensing enables manufacturers to share software assets among multiple staff and across multiple production locations thereby increasing asset utilization. Tracking features typical of enterprise software allow licensees to monitor use among and between staff. Studies show that enterprise licensing also reduces the end-user’s IT labor costs by as much as 25%.

Control Station’s new enterprise licensing capability accommodates multi-license deployments that involve either common or different product types. This feature enables licensees to mix-and-match products that meet their unique application requirements. Upgrade options for all LOOP-PRO Tuner licensees are available with special discount pricing options for licensees that are covered under a current software maintenance and support agreement.

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