February 6, 2008 – Department of Energy Initiative Targets Energy Consumption and Provides Boost to Manufacturers

Department of Energy Initiative Targets Energy Consumption and Provides Boost to Manufacturers

February 6, 2008  Control Station today announced the Company’s enrollment in the Department of Energy’s Industrial Technologies Program, Save Energy Now. In concert with the program, Control Station will develop unique process optimization solutions that target energy-intensive production processes and that enable domestic manufacturers to operate more efficiently and profitably. Control Station is a process control solutions company with award-winning technologies and services that enhance customer competitiveness.

Save Energy Now is a government-sponsored program that seeks improvement in energy efficiency practices throughout the US manufacturing sector. In particular, the program addresses Waste Heat Recovery and Improved Heat Transfer associated with fire heating systems. According to the Department of Energy, these systems use over 6 quadrillion BTUs annually and account for roughly 37% of all energy consumed by domestic manufacturers.

US Department of Energy (DOE) cites three critical energy challenges that face domestic manufacturers: National Energy Security, Economic Security, and Global Warming. With growing instability in consumer access to global oil and gas reserves, rising energy prices, and increasing concern over carbon emissions, the DOE views Save Energy Now and other initiatives as essential elements in the government’s energy policy.

Control Station works with leading manufacturers across the process industries. The Company has successfully reduced energy consumption in a variety of manufacturing segments, most notably in Steel and Cement. The Company has committed to developing novel solutions for diagnosing and improving the performance of energy-intensive production systems. These solutions will be made available to all domestic manufacturers.

About Save Energy Now

Through Save Energy Now, Department of Energy’s (DOE) Industrial Technologies Program helps industrial plants operate more efficiently and profitably by identifying ways to reduce energy use in key industrial process systems. As a key element of Save Energy Now, DOE conducts plant energy assessments to help manufacturing facilities across the nation identify immediate opportunities to save energy and money, primarily by focusing on energy-intensive systems, including process heating, steam, pumps, fans, and compressed air.

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