January 31, 2019 – Global Manufacturers Instrumental to Record Full-Year Financial Performance

Control Station Sees Year-Over-Year Export Growth of Process Diagnostic and Optimization Solutions

Manchester, CT – January 31, 2019 – Control Station today announced record growth for the fiscal year ending December 31, 2018. The company recorded significant growth in key product and service lines, and it continued its expansion both domestically and internationally.

Since reforming in 2004 the Company has successfully catered to the process diagnostic and optimization needs of the global manufacturing industry. In recognition of recent international success the company was recognized by the Small Business Administration as the 2018 Exporter of the Year for the State of Connecticut. During 2018 Control Station continued to expand exports through the advancement of existing multinational customers and the development of new international accounts. Since 2015 the company’s exports have increased annually by over 30% with notable 2018 customer wins in Canada, China, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. As of yearend licenses of Control Station’s software-based solutions had been deployed to customers in over 60 countries.

“The company’s international growth can be attributed to the strong value proposition and intuitive design of our solutions as well as to the superior support through which we’re empowering customers,” shared Dennis Nash, President of Control Station. “In particular, the strong market position of our PlantESP solution is a testament to our unique combination of excellence in technology innovation and domain expertise in process control.”

As the company’s flagship technology PlantESP addresses a critical need among process manufacturers for advanced diagnostics. PlantESP proactively identifies issues that undermine PID control loop performance. It both facilitates the isolation of the associated root-causes and recommends issue-specific corrective actions that enable improvements to production efficiency and throughput. During 2018 Revenue associated with PlantESP and related services increased by 27% with the Oil and Gas sector leading the uptick in software sales. In particular Control Station added new PlantESP accounts within the offshore and midstream subsectors, bolstering its position in that critical process sector.

“We made meaningful advances across our portfolio of software-based products that enhanced their overall utility and maintained their distinctive ease-of-use,” commented Dr. Bob Rice, Control Station’s Vice President of Engineering. “No product better reflects the company’s commitment to innovation and design than LOOP-PRO which continues has set the standard for PID tuning technology.”

The company’s suite of LOOP-PRO PID controller tuning solutions remains a core product category that expanded by 21% during 2018. The steady increase in market share is attributed to LOOP-PRO’s unique ability to accurately model highly dynamic process data thereby eliminating the steady-state requirement that is imposed by other controller tuning solutions. Among the numerous product innovations introduced during 2018 LOOP-PRO can now connect live to any industrial PID controller using standard OPC protocols. The innovation complements LOOP-PRO’s DirectConnect™ feature which enables seamless integration with controllers from major OEMs such as Rockwell Automation, Emerson, Yokogawa, and NovaTech Process Solutions.

Since its transition in 2004 from an academic technology provider to an industrial solutions company Control Station has grown steadily. Due to its continued commitment to innovation the company is widely recognized as a leading global provider of process diagnostic and optimization solutions. Its steady global expansion has been facilitated by strategic partnerships with traditional automation OEMs and more recently by the company’s partnership with OSIsoft.


About Control Station

Control Station empowers process manufacturers to increase production efficiency and throughput. The company’s software-based solutions actively monitor and optimize plant-wide control loop performance.

The company’s products are both highly innovative and award-winning. PlantESP™ is the leading CLPM solution for identifying and isolating issues that negatively affect control loop performance. Control Station’s portfolio of LOOP-PRO™ products is recognized as the process industry’s leading solution for PID controller tuning. It is the only controller tuning software that accurately models oscillatory and noisy process data.

Control Station’s solutions are licensed to leading process manufacturers worldwide and they are available direct from Control Station and through its network of distribution partners. The company is headquartered in the United States.


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