January 12, 2010 – D/3 Loop Optimizer Targets Controller Diagnostic and Optimization Needs of NovaTech’s D/3 DCS Users

D/3 Loop Optimizer Targets Controller Diagnostic and Optimization Needs of NovaTech’s D/3 DCS Users

January 12, 2010 – Control Station and NovaTech Process Solutions today formally announce its technology partnership. This partnership expands market access to Control Station’s award-winning controller tuning technologies, and further demonstrates both Control Station’s position as the leading supplier of PID diagnostic and optimization solutions and NovaTech’s ability to provide best-in-class process automation offerings.

Control Station and NovaTech were recently brought together based on growing market demand for excellence in process control technologies. The two companies share world-class customers within key industrial segments such as Chemical, Food & Beverage, and Power, among others; these segments represent the core of domestic manufacturing. Demand for processautomation solutions within these segments has consistently increased year-over-year.

NovaTech has been a recognized leader in the automation market for over 30 years particularly in the realm of Distributed Control System (DCS) solutions. The D/3® DCS was developed in 1982 to provide enhanced automation capabilities and to facilitate control of complex production processes. Since that time, NovaTech has continued to broaden its suite of solutions, including tailored solutions for the power industry.

A culture of collaboration is essential to advancing our state-of-the-art products and delivering value to our customers,” shared Aubrey “Buz” Zey, founder and President of NovaTech. “Innovative technologies like those co-developed with Control Station enhance the value of our D/3 solution and they provide our customers with a sustainable competitive advantage.

In collaboration with NovaTech, Control Station has introduced D/3® Loop Optimizer – a highly intuitive PID modeling and tuning software solution that is uniquely suited for use with NovaTech’s D/3 DCS. Based on Control Station’s LOOP-PRO Product Suite, the D/3 Loop Optimizer utilizes patent-pending Non-Steady State (NSS) Modeling Innovation providing end-users with significant technical and economic advantages when tuning dynamic processes. The software can accurately model and rapidly tune PID controllers in a broad array of industrial applications, including the start-up and commissioning of production processes.

The D/3 Loop Optimizer integrates seamlessly with NovaTech’s D/3 DCS and is launched directly from the D/3 operator console. It automatically identifies the associated PID controller’s configuration parameters, simplifying the collection and analysis of dynamic process data. The software is an upgrade to the D/3′s current tuning capabilities and is suitable for use with any D/3 system (version 12.0 and newer).

This partnership combines best-in-class solutions from two industry innovators and it underscores our mutual commitment to enhancing customer value,” commented Dennis Nash, Control Station’s President. “NovaTech’s world-class products, support, and distribution are essential to Control Station’s mission and to executing our growth strategy.

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