June 16, 2015 – South American Distributor Lends Expertise and Provides Access to Key Process Manufacturing Markets

Aquarius-Software South American Distributor Lends Expertise and Provides Access to Key Process Manufacturing Markets

Tolland, CT – June 16, 2015 – Control Station today announced a new partnership with Brazil-based Aquarius Software. The partnership expands Control Station’s global distribution and customer support network with the addition of another expert automation solutions provider. Through the partnership Control Station gains local access to Brazil’s rapidly growing process manufacturing market.

According to the terms of the agreement Aquarius Software is now the exclusive distributor of Control Station’s PlantESP- and LOOP-PRO-branded software products in Brazil. The Control Station portfolio of products includes innovative and award-winning technologies for identifying and correcting complex production performance and asset reliability issues. Challenges with performance and reliability cost process manufacturers nearly $650 Billion annually in lost production.

Control Station’s technologies have proven their ability to identify and correct performance issues that undermine a plant’s safety, production, and efficiency,” shared Ricardo Caruso, Aquarius Software’s Manager of Special Projects. “We have already deployed their tools at several production plants in Brazil and we have seen their value first-hand. They’re an excellent addition to our portfolio of best-in-class automation offerings.”

Aligning with innovative companies and offering high value software solutions are fundamental components of our corporate strategy,” commented Mario Simas, a managing partner of Aquarius Software. “The technologies from Control Station have proven to be best-in-class. They fully complement our portfolio and enable us to better serve our installed base of customers.”

Aquarius Software is a leading solutions provider headquartered in Sao Paulo, Brazil that focuses on the needs of the country’s growing process manufacturing market. The company has extensive experience in solving complex production automation challenges. Established in 1984, Aquarius Software is the sole software distributor of industrial automation solutions from GE Intelligent Platforms. The company supports an extensive array of customers from the Oil & Gas, Food & Beverage, Basic Materials and other core segments of the process industries.

This partnership aligns Control Station with another expert integration services company,” commented Rick Bontatibus, Control Station’s Vice President of Global Sales. “Aquarius provides us with enhanced access to the Brazilian market, and our customers gain access to a highly competent and local support resource.”

The formal agreement between Aquarius Software and Control Station builds upon recent success in Brazil and in particular within the critical ethanol industry. In late 2014 the two companies jointly licensed the PlantESP control loop performance monitoring solution for deployment at multiple sites of the country’s largest sugarcane ethanol producer. Ethanol is a mainstay of the Brazilian renewable energy initiative, representing roughly 46% of the country’s annual energy supply. Brazil’s ethanol production is projected to increase by 5% to 26.9 billion liters during 2015.

Control Station’s process diagnostic and optimization solutions enable process manufacturers to identify, isolate and correct issues that negatively impact production efficiency and throughput. In particular PlantESP actively monitors the performance of PID-based control systems on a plant-wide basis. It systematically identifies issues, isolates root-causes, and recommends appropriate corrective actions. PlantESP capitalizes on process data that is either stored in a production facility’s existing data historian such as OSIsoft PI and Proficy Historian from GE Intelligent Platforms, or live using connections to one or more OPC servers. The Company’s PID controller tuning products are private-labelled or referenced by global OEMs such as Yokogawa and Rockwell Automation.


About Aquarius Software

Aquarius Software was founded in 1984 as a technology solutions company, servicing the needs of Brazil’s information technology market with an array of software development, integration, and support services. In particular, the company offers software-based technologies that target the needs of Brazil’s growing industrial manufacturing market.

Aquarius Software partners with major OEMs and specialty software companies to deliver high value industrial automation solutions and related services. Since 1996 Aquarius Software has been the sole distributor of software-based solutions from GE Intelligent Platforms (GE IP), formerly Intellution, Inc. The company similarly distributes the ThinManager and Relevance software products from Automation Control Products, and recently aligned with Control Station to distribute its PlantESP- and LOOP-PRO-branded process diagnostic and optimization products.

Aquarius Software maintains a highly capable team of software engineers and project managers. Through continuous investments in training and skills development the company and its staff are ready to offer the best solutions to clients, supporting the transformation of information into knowledge.


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