June 2, 2021 – Control Station Initiative Gains Momentum with Addition of Avid Solutions, Inc.

CSI Program Positions Leading Integration Firm to Capitalize on Digitally Enabled Solutions

Control Station today announced the addition of Avid Solutions, Inc. to the company’s recently launched Control System Integrator (CSI) Partner Program. The program targets select system integration firms for certification in the deployment and application of Control Station’s process analytic and optimization solutions. The program seizes on a persistent trend among manufacturers to outsource the application of advanced analytics to third party integrators in order to enhance the return on investment.

According to a recent MarketsandMarkets™ report, global growth in utilization of system integrators is attributed to sustained investments in cloud-based technologies that enable manufacturers to improve asset performance, reduce unplanned downtime, and enhance production efficiency. Manufacturers look to integrators like Avid Solutions for their domain expertise in both process manufacturing and IIoT technologies.

“We see significant potential in this program to drive customer business results with quick time to value while distinguishing Avid’s unique industry experience and capabilities,” commented Tim Shope, Vice President of Operations and Technology for Avid Solutions. “The CSI Program aligns with our strategy to provide digitally-enabled solutions which empower customers to optimize and sustain improvements. Through our certification with technologies like PlantESP™ we expand our capabilities for improving safety, asset utilization, quality, and sustainability”

Avid Solutions is recognized as a forward-looking systems integration firm headquartered in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.  Avid Solutions enhances its process expertise with partnerships with leading OEMs and technology providers. Their xTend™ and xTensiblity™ project delivery and asset optimization programs are designed around the application of these high-value technologies.  Control Station selected Avid Solutions due to their commitment to innovation and expertise in the delivery of advanced application solutions.

“The enrollment of Avid Solutions in our CSI Program further validates the need among process manufacturers for expert third-party support in the application of analytics and optimization solutions,” shared Jonathan Stevens, Control Station’s Director of Partner Development. “Having known members of their leadership team for years, it has been clear that Avid Solutions possesses a unique mindset and approach to the use of innovative, digitally-enabled solutions. Their focus on leveraging technology to equip customers with concrete, sustainable value is precisely why the CSI Program was established.”

The newly created CSI Program aligns with the goals of a growing number of system integrators that specialize in process control and analytics solutions. Through the program Control Station is building a network of certified experts. Such a network has become increasingly important owing in particular to the year-over-year growth in licensing of PlantESP.  During 2020 exports to international and multi-national customers approached 40% of the company’s total sales. Control Station currently supports the process analytics and optimization needs of customer facilities located in over 70 countries.

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