June 6, 2013 – New Capability Targets Growing Need Among Process Manufacturers for Educational Resources

New Capability Targets Growing Need Among Process Manufacturers for Educational Resources

June 6, 2013 Control Station today announced the initial launch of a new web-based training and skills development offering. The service targets the growing global need among process manufacturers for educational resources that teach best-practices related to process control and plant optimization.

Demand for training among process manufacturers continues to grow steadily as the economy regains strength and as concern for an aging workforce transitions to reality. According to a recent survey of manufacturing executives conducted by The Neilsen Company the loss of veteran production staff will cost manufacturers an average of $43 million, and 58% of survey participants anticipate the need to train the incoming generation of plant staff. In spite of these expectations the amount of funds available for training and skills development remains limited. Nearly half of the executives surveyed have limited their training expenditures to between one and five percent of their annual budget.

The launch of this web-based resource targets an important need among process manufacturers, shared Bob Rice, Control Station’s Vice President of Engineering and Lead Instructor. It represents yet another innovative milestone for our company and a valuable service offering for our customers.

The new training option provides access to web-based and self-paced courses created from Control Station’s Practical Process Control curriculum. The inaugural course entitled Fundamentals of Instrumentation and Process Control is currently available as part of Control Station’s corporate service offerings. The course covers essential concepts and vocabulary needed by Operators and Technicians to maintain effective production control. A second course is scheduled for release during the Third Quarter along with the ability to purchase access on an individual user basis.

Control Station has extensive experience delivering highly interactive training and skills development workshops in the traditional instructor-led format. The Company’s curriculum has been expanded over the years to cater to the needs of Operators and Technicians to Process Engineers. It has also been customized to meet the unique information needs within major process industries ranging from Brewing and Cement to Power and Petrochemicals. Much of the curriculum’s expansion has been facilitated with the direct input of leading process manufacturers, assuring the highest degree of segment-specific relevancy.

The Company’s offerings include both theory-based and application-based training components. These services fully complement Control Station’s award-winning array of software technologies that are used to monitor and optimize controller performance and asset reliability. In addition to broad use among commercial users, the Practical Process Control curriculum is licensed annually by over 200 colleges and universities worldwide.

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