March 16, 2017 – Control Station Invited by Leading Industry Publication to Share Best-Practices

Expert Contributions to Plant Services to Address Demand for Process Control and Plant Optimization

Manchester, CT – March 16, 2017 – Control Station today announced that it has been engaged by Plant Services magazine as a regular contributor to the publication’s online presence.  Contributions from Control Station will address the growing need among both manufacturing and operations staff for access to information and insights related to process control and plant optimization.

Control Station’s Dr. Robert Rice will author a blog and share his professional experience, personal insights along with proven best-practices for maintaining effective plant-wide control.  Dr. Rice is a recognized expert in model-based and advanced controls, and he serves as Control Station’s Vice President of Engineering.  Dr. Rice has published extensively on topics associated with automatic process control and he is a regular speaker at industry conferences. His monthly contributions to Plant Services will be published under the byline The Feedback Loop.

We’re thrilled to collaborate with Control Station and Dr. Rice,” commented Thomas Wilk, the publication’s Editor in Chief.  “The Feedback Loop is the latest addition to Plant Services’ online presence, and it provides our audience with another valuable source of expert advice.”

Plant Services’ core mission is to deliver impactful content that fosters a culture of safe, profitable plant operations.  Since its inception Control Station has assumed a similar stance and invested heavily in products and services that enable manufacturers to realize those goals,” shared Dennis Nash, Control Station’s President.






Formed in 1988 Control Station was among the first companies to introduce a software-based training and skills development curriculum that incorporates the use of dynamic process simulations.  Rather than focusing narrowly on control theory the Practical Process Control curriculum emphasizes proven best-practices for improving the performance of a production facility’s extensive network of regulatory controllers.  For nearly thirty years the curriculum has been used by colleges and universities in over forty countries to prepare engineering students for successful careers in industry.  It also serves as the basis for blogs published by Control Station, including The Control Station Blog and

The inaugural post to The Feedback Loop was published in February 2017 with a second post added earlier this month.  Content will be published to the blog on a monthly basis, addressing a range of topics from Process Control and Plant-Wide Optimization to Identifying Mechanical Issues and Avoiding Unplanned Downtime.

About Plant Services
Plant Services delivers leading-edge content that showcases smart manufacturing processes and reliable asset management while generating action that promotes safe, sustainable plant operations.  The magazine and associated website reach a monthly worldwide audience of over 150,000 manufacturing professionals responsible for optimizing the productivity, asset utilization and manufacturing reliability for more than 35,000 industrial plants, facilities and utilities in North America and across the globe.

Plant Services is one of several publications owned by Putman Media, Inc. and focused on the information needs of the manufacturing and industrial automation markets.


About Control Station

Control Station empowers process manufacturers to increase production efficiency and throughput. The company’s software-based solutions actively monitor and optimize plant-wide control loop performance.

The company’s products are both highly innovative and award-winning. PlantESP™ is the leading CLPM solution for identifying and isolating issues that negatively affect control loop performance.  Control Station’s portfolio of LOOP-PRO™ products is recognized as the process industry’s leading solution for PID controller tuning. It is the only controller tuning software that accurately models oscillatory and noisy process data.

Control Station’s solutions are licensed to leading process manufacturers worldwide and they are available direct from Control Station and through its network of distribution partners. The company is headquartered in the United States.

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