March 2, 2021 – Control Station Launches Program to Certify System Integrators

Veteran of Business Development Promoted to Lead the New Program

Control Station simultaneously announced the formation of a Certified System Integrator Program and the promotion of Jonathan Stevens to the newly created position of Director of Partner Development. Formation of the program positions Control Station to further capitalize on growing global demand for process analytics and optimization solutions, and it assures availability of expert resources that are certified in the deployment and use of Control Station’s suite of technologies.

According to Global Market Insights the global systems integration market is forecasted to grow at a CAGR of 8.5% and reach $575 Billion by 2027. System integrators are expected to take on larger roles in the deployment and utilization of advanced data analytics solutions. The establishment of a formal Certified System Integrator (CSI) Program reflects Control Station’s success in building a strong base of multinational customers along with the company’s plan for capturing greater share of the rapidly evolving market opportunity. It also reflects the increasingly competitive environment in which system integrators operate.

“More and more manufacturers find themselves short-handed as staffing levels have not kept pace with the growing number and diversity of software-based solutions,” shared Mr. Stevens. “Process manufacturers clearly understand the value of analytics and are investing in solutions such as PlantESP. Even so, they’re looking to system integrators for support with fully realizing the benefits of those investments.“

PlantESP is the leading, platform-independent process analytics and optimization solution. It has been successfully deployed at production facilities operated by numerous Fortune 500 manufacturers from around the world and across the process industries. PlantESP proactively monitors PID control loop performance on a plant-wide basis, equipping production staff with timely insights and facilitating issue-specific corrective actions. Licensees have documented significant performance gains, including increased quality and production throughput as well as reduced energy consumption and production-related waste. Due to the growing number, variety and complexity of some software applications, end-users have increasingly sought out value-added support from Control Station and its partners. Jon Stevens has been instrumental in harnessing the capabilities of system integrators to satisfy those customer needs.

“Jon conceived of this program for system integrators as a means of delivering higher value services and of enhancing Control Station’s market reach,” noted Rick Bontatibus, Control Station’s Vice President of Global Sales. “Jon has proven his ability to establish and cultivate relationships with system integrators who align with our strategic growth plan. With a clear understanding of end-user and system integrator needs, he is the ideal individual to lead this new initiative.”

The newly created CSI Program aligns with the goals of a growing number of system integrators that specialize in process control. Through the program participating integrators will be certified in the deployment and use of Control Station’s suite of process analytics and optimization technologies. Unique leasing options only available through the CSI Program allow participants to align technology costs with specific customer projects. Through the program Control Station also gains a certified network of experts with which it can supplement the company’s core team of field application engineers. This facet becomes increasingly important as the number of international and multi-national customers continues to grow. During 2020 exports approached 40% of the company’s total sales.

The CSI Program equips participating integrators with a meaningful competitive advantage. Through the deployment and use of the PlantESP process analytics platform, CSI Program participants gain unique insights into the performance of a manufacturer’s numerous PID controllers. They can leverage this new source of intelligence by supplying customers with detail-rich work order proposals. Remote use of PlantESP provides participating integrators with other advantages as more and more manufacturers restrict third parties from performing work onsite due to ongoing health and safety concerns stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic. Much of the analysis can be conducted offsite by CSI Program participants through secured access, allowing them to assist with optimization initiatives in spite of visitation restrictions.

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