March 24, 2022 – Largest System Integrator Signs Up for Control Station Partner Program

Enrollment Validates Market Shift Toward Comprehensive Optimization Solutions

Control Station announced the expansion of its Certified System Integrator (CSI) Program with the addition of RoviSys. As the top ranked system integration company based on revenue, RoviSys joins a developing community of automation services providers that have enrolled in the program. The program equips participating system integrators with Control Station’s innovative suite of diagnostic technologies and access to experts in process optimization. 

“Manufacturers worldwide are eager for automation solutions that make improvements to production efficiency and throughput possible,” commented Dick Ciammaichella, RoviSys’ Director of Business Development. “Increasingly, they’re looking for system integration firms to go beyond implementation and to help them run their day-to-day optimization initiatives. Through the CSI Program we gain access to tools that differentiate RoviSys in the market and that allow us to satisfy this new operating model.”

The CSI Program was launched in March 2021 to help Control Station capitalize on growing global demand for process analytics and optimization solutions and for expert engineering service providers. System integration firms like RoviSys were specifically targeted based on their global reach and their expertise in process control. With deep experience in Chemicals, Metals & Mining, Oil & Gas, and Paper & Wood, RoviSys and Control Station closely align around core segments of the process manufacturing market.

“On the 2022 System Integrator Giants list RoviSys ranked first,” noted Jon Stevens, founder of the CSI Program and Director of Partner Development at Control Station. “Their addition to the CSI Program is noteworthy as it reinforces our understanding of the market and how the needs of manufacturers have changed. Those needs now include a combination of best-in-class technologies and the experts who can apply them.”

The CSI Program equips participating integrators with a meaningful competitive advantage, and it creates new Revenue-generating opportunities. Through the deployment and use of Control Station’s suite of process analytic and optimization technologies, CSI Program participants gain unique insights into the performance of a manufacturer’s regulatory control systems. The technology suite is made available to CSI Program participants at preferential rates and in a manner that aligns the cost with project-based billing that is typical of system integration service providers. Existing participants have successfully secured long-term services contracts that are the direct result of their involvement in the CSI Program.

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