March 25, 2021 – Process Analytics Solution from Control Station Speeds Up Access to Performance Intelligence

Rapid Baseline Builder Delivers Actionable Insights 90% Faster

Today Control Station formally designated the data processing utility within its PlantESP solution as Rapid Baseline Builder™. The utility allows for rapid benchmarking of control loop performance across a wide spectrum of KPIs. It accelerates access to performance intelligence and speeds the discovery of opportunities for performance improvements on a plant-wide basis.

PlantESP is among the leading process analytics solutions. PlantESP leverages a production facility’s existing process data to proactively monitor and analyze PID controller performance. Whereas other control loop performance monitoring (CLPM) products require several weeks to establish performance benchmarks, PlantESP’s Rapid Baseline Builder utility completes the benchmarking process far faster. Reducing the time needed for benchmarking by 90% or more allows PlantESP licensees to advance quickly from solution deployment to analysis and optimization.

“Rapid Baseline Builder combines data collection and processing functions that capitalize on the statistical distribution of the initial KPI results,” shared Brett Beauregard, Control Station’s Director of Product Development. “It enables PlantESP to process data from hundreds of PID control loops and to establish the associated benchmarks in essentially two days or less.”

Control Station first introduced PlantESP™ in 2011 to monitor the performance of a facility’s numerous PID control loops. Utilizing a production facility’s existing process data, PlantESP identifies negative performance trends, facilitates the isolation of root-causes, and provides recommendations for corrective action. Such insights enable production staff to work more efficiently, and they enable increases to production throughput and quality as well as decreases in energy consumption and production-related waste. Utilities like Rapid Baseline Builder reinforce PlantESP’s position as the automation industry’s most intuitive process analytics and optimization solution.


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