March 27, 2014 – Portfolio Of Manufacturing Efficiency Technologies Expanded With DeltaV Edition

New Software Offering Enhances ROA for Customers of Leading DCS Platform

March 27, 2014  Control Station today announced the expansion of its award-winning PID controller tuning suite with the introduction of LOOP-PRO TUNER DeltaV Edition. The product integrates seamlessly with the DeltaV DCS platform, and it positions Control Station to capitalize on Emerson Process Management’s leadership position in the global automation market.

Control Station is a leading supplier of software solutions used by manufacturers across the process industries to increase production efficiency and throughput. The company’s LOOP-PRO product suite leverages patent-pending capabilities that accurately model the oscillatory and noisy process data typical in industrial environments. LOOP-PRO is the only software that can do so across the full range of applications, including both integrating and non-integrating processes.

We continue to invest in product innovation and to pursue high growth opportunities,” shared Dennis Nash, Control Station’s President. DeltaV is among the fastest growing automation platforms globally. Our technology enables DeltaV customers to further enhance their manufacturing efficiency and to maximize the return on their automation assets.

LOOP-PRO TUNER DeltaV Edition integrates with Emerson’s DCS by connecting live to process data through OPC. The TUNER product recognizes the block structure of all PID controllers within the DCS, allowing users to quickly identify control loops in need of analysis and tuning. The software’s superior modeling capabilities enable users to optimize the performance of regulatory controllers plant-wide, enhancing the DCS’s overall effectiveness.

Control Station’s LOOP-PRO is the core PID tuning solution for several leading OEMs. The software is private-labelled by both Yokogawa and NovaTech Process Solutions, and it is the only tuning solution referenced by Rockwell Automation through the Encompass Partner Program. Yokogawa’s CentumVP has been recognized as the fastest-growing DCS platform globally. Rockwell Automation remains the global leader in PLC and PAC technologies.

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