May 10, 2011 -Control Station Expands Portfolio And Market Reach With New Joint Venture

Aware Technology Delivers Confidence in Production through Plant-Wide Condition Monitoring

May 10, 2011 – Control Station today announced its participation in the formation of Aware Technology – a condition monitoring and anomaly detection company based in Portland, Maine. The joint venture leverages Control Station’s software and engineering assets, and it significantly expands the Company’s existing suite of process diagnostic and optimization technologies. The new entity and its core condition monitoring solutions position Control Station with unique capabilities in the rapidly evolving automation market.

Named Aware Technology, the joint venture was formed with capital and technology investments from Control Station and iSagacity, and it targets the growing market demand for solutions that provide contextual insight into plant performance. Aware Technology’s initial product – Process Data Monitor (PDM) – will be launched later this month as a stand-alone and SaaS (Software as a Service) product offering. PDM evaluates the performance of plant-wide production assets, and it provides confidence and usualness metrics related to the condition of those assets. Based on knowledge and experience from historical production characteristics, PDM’s metrics alert production staff when unusual and potentially hazardous conditions arise.

This joint venture benefits substantially from Control Station’s competencies for product innovation and delivery as well as their diverse channels to market,” commented Roy Kok, President of Aware Technology. “PDM itself leverages Control Station’s expertise in cutting-edge software design and development. With a strong base of end-users and distributors, we also gain accelerated access to a critical market segment – the process industries.

We remain focused on enhancing customer value, and the formation of Aware Technology is further proof of our commitment to that goal,” stated Dennis Nash, Control Station’s President and Chief Executive. “PDM’s underlying technology has been proven effective by NASA and we’re now applying its potential to the industrial manufacturing sector. Its value to process manufacturers is at the heart of our competitive advantage.

Integration with Control Station’s PlantESP performance monitoring solution is scheduled for September 2011. Like PlantESP, PDM analyzes process data and alerts production staff of anomalies that may affect the plant’s safety and profitability. PDM can be applied to production assets throughout the plant environment unlike PlantESP’s more targeted focus on the performance of PID control loops. When fully integrated with the PlantESP platform, PDM will provide process manufacturers with an intuitive and highly powerful production diagnostic and optimization solution unlike any other on the market.

The joint venture entitles Control station to the exclusive right to distribute PDM when integrated with PlantESP or when delivered as a remote monitoring solution by major DCS and PLC vendors. This entitlement enhances the value of the Company’s relationships with leading automation companies such as NovaTech Process Solutions, Rockwell Automation, and Yokogawa Corporation of America.

About Aware Technology

Aware Technology delivers “Automation Confidence through System Awareness,” by offering automated learning technology based on a combination of NASA Pattern Recognition and Data Clustering algorithms and automation industry specific Intellectual Property.

Founded in 2011, Aware Technology delivers PDM (Process Data Monitor), with an assortment of supporting products and technology, delivered as an Enterprise Appliance, or as a SaaS (Software as a Service) Private Cloud hosted application.

PDM learns from the day to day operation of your systems and automatically generates an experience database. It then generates confidence metrics for usual behavior and delivers notification on unusual behavior.

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