May 19, 2009 – Integrated Tuning Solution Addresses Industry Need for Enhanced Automation Capabilities

Integrated Tuning Solution Addresses Industry Need for Enhanced Automation Capabilities

May 19, 2009 – Control Station simultaneously announced completion of a cooperative reseller agreement with Yokogawa Corporation of America and general availability of a PID tuning application that integrates seamlessly with Yokogawa’s CS3000 distributed control system (DCS). Called csTuner, the application developed by Control Station integrates technologies from the leading PID optimization company with those from the fastest growing DCS vendor. csTuner’s launch coincides with increasing market pressure on manufacturers to implement green production processes along with economic pressure to improve overall production efficiency.

The introduction of csTuner amplifies the value proposition of our CS3000 DCS, and it offers further proof that Yokogawa understands the current economic reality,” commented Richard Gaas, Senior Vice President of Yokogawa Corporation of America. “As a company, Yokogawa is fully aware of the pressures facing industry and actively seeks technology relationships that will produce immediate value for our customers.”

Yokogawa is a global automation solutions company and the world’s fastest growing DCS vendor. Yokogawa’s CS3000 DCS has been recognized for superior reliability and it has been widely adopted within each of the Oil & Gas, Chemical, Power and other key industrial sectors. Featuring a flexible and open architecture, the CS3000 was designed for compatibility with a manufacturer’s existing production systems. It provides a framework that readily draws upon field networks and results in a fully integrated production control system. Through diagnosis of that process data, csTuner is capable of further improving the performance of business-critical production processes and it offers a natural product extension to the CS3000.

The relationship with Yokogawa Corporation of America aligns two leading automation innovators,” shared Control Station’s President, Dennis Nash. “Integrating our state-of-the-art process modeling and controller design technologies with Yokogawa’s highly reliable production control solutions presents end-users with immediate opportunities to optimize plant performance. This is essential to providing them with a sustainable competitive advantage.”

csTuner is based on Control Station’s award-winning LOOP-PRO Product Suite. LOOP-PRO has quickly established itself as the leading PID diagnostic and optimization toolkit. The strength of LOOP-PRO is its ease-of-use and the application of Control Station’s patent-pending Non-Steady State (NSS) Modeling Innovation. The innovation enables end-users to accurately model both transient and noisy process data, a significant economic benefit to manufacturers across the process industries. Control Station filed its initial application for the NSS Modeling Innovation with the United States Patent and Trade Office in June 2008.

csTuner integrates seamlessly with the Yokogawa DCS and is offered as an option to CS3000 installations. The application applies the CS3000′s standard tag structure to access critical loop information, including existing tuning coefficients, controller spans, and the associated algorithm. Although basic tuning capabilities are included with the CS3000, csTuner offers more intuitive and advanced PID analysis and optimization capabilities. csTuner is now commercially available.

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